Sunday, March 6, 2016

The aftermath.

Ok so the party is finally over! And this is us reeling from the aftermath of it all. 
  Don't be fooled by my grouchy face. I was actually really really happy and glad that my guests had a good time (I hope) 😅 

Barty was nonchalant about the whole thing like "uh yea. Oh they're here to celebrate my bday uh ok let's eat cake uh ok photo uh another photo ok. Geesh these adults"

If you look at the photos she has that "uh" look in practically every shot! 

Well I can only comfort myself and say that when she grows up and says that I never threw her a proper party I HAVE PROOF. 

That said, I would just like to thank EVERYONE that came down, and of course those who came to help.

In chronological order:

My parents for helping me watch Bart whenever I had to run errands. And for dressing her and letting her Arrive in all her First Birthday Glory, fashionably late. 

Nikki for all the love and also for babysitting.

Mel for helping me put the buntings together and sorting out decor the day before and also for picking up the churros.

Xiuqi for adding oil and coming by early to set up and also for running out halfway to pick up tapau boxes. And also Eric for all that and helping to pack up after.

Jeremy and Evalee for offering to come in early and pumping all those crazy balloons. Tying them is no easy feat and our hands got really dry but they did it without a word of complaint. ❤️ Jereny even walked out in the blistering heat to pick up MORE balloons and candle for the cake. Then they continued to help with decor, serve cake, take photos, clap hands, hold mics, play music, and pack up. Really guys. \m/ #bestcolleagueseveraward

Phyllis for doing a wonderful job of ensuring the kids had a good time. (Can always count on you for that)

Jessica and her team from Solasta for putting up the incredibly pretty dessert table. (So pretty until cannot bear to eat!)

Audrey from Churro101 for helping me with my order for the limited edition strawberry flavoured mini churros. (They were delicious!) 

Prakash from Quentin's for the buffet layout and great food. (Lots of compliments on the sustenance!)

Atika from The Serendipity for the cake.

Ok done with the thank you speech. Detailed post soon.

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