Friday, May 13, 2016

Exabra from Japan

So I recently popped by Cle Maison, a boutique bra studio nestled in a quiet corner of Central Singapore and shared with the consultant my worries about the future of my boobs.

Yes, they were never big to begin with but after 14 months (and still counting) of breastfeeding, I have noticed that they have started to look mildly saggy. *shockshockhorrorshock* I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid, but anyways, Exabra, this special range of functional bras from Japan, not only helps to shape, it also has a range that promises an increment of one whole cup size, in a MONTH.

No surgery, no pain, no need to travel to Korea. Or Thailand.

Curious to find out more, and of course if it really works, I gave them a call, and made an appointment to drop in.

Yuki, the consultant, was really warm and friendly, so it was easy to share with her my concerns. After a quick chat, she proceeded to measure me up to check to see if I was wearing the right size. It is common that many women are wearing the wrong bra size due to lack of proper fitting during bra shopping. And a badly fitted bra can cause damage over the years.

"A woman's boobs change size six times throughout her life and it's common to find the same girl coming up a different size in each store or label." -

So, are you wearing the right size? If you are unsure, you can check by doing this quiz!

Thankfully for me, I was wearing the right size. I told Yuki about how I have to use a larger cup size for half-cup bras, and she agreed that it was common. One size doesn't fit all because the cutting is different. And this is also why it is so very important to get fitted properly.

After measuring and ascertaining my size, she headed out to pick out a few different cuttings for me to try for size. Of course, she chose a few various sizes and this is where the fun begins.

After putting on the bra, it looked just like any other normal bra, but that was because I didn't have it on properly. Apparently there is a METHOD to wearing the Exabra so that you work your boobies to their fullest potential. Following the instructions on the video, and with some help from Yuki, I finally had it on right and WOW. There really was a very big difference!

Happy with the result, I chose 4 bras in total! One design from their Midi day range, one from their Strapless range, and two from their Grow Night range.

Now let's talk about the functionality of their bras.

The Midi range

1. Creates a maximum cleavage.
2. Supports the breasts and allows the shape to be natural.
3. Is made of soft, comfortable and breathable fabric.

It is designed for people with sensitive skin and also those who experience discomfort and pain at the underwired area while wearing a bra.


Without any restraint to your body shape and size, this bra is lined with layers of high quality laces and will give you a soft, elegant and luxurious finishing look.

The Strapless range

1. Gives you a prominent and nicely shaped bust.
2. Keeps bust in ideal position.
3. Is suitable with any type of clothing styles.

Basically this range maintains all the key EXABRA functions minus the straps, so that one can wear slinky tops while keeping the secret to those perky boobies a secret!

The Grow Night range

1. Provides bust support during sleep.
2. Has no underwire, for comfort.
3. Provides bust care throughout the night.

Now, Grow Night is the first "Night Bra" in the market designed without underwire, exclusively for use during bedtime.

Personally, I have never had the habit of wearing a bra to sleep. The idea of having my boobies, however little, all caged up through the night is just beyond me. But Yuki assured me that the Grow Night range is comfy and I certainly won't be losing sleep over it, so I thought I'd just give it a try.

She was right. Made of Power Net fabric material, with wide width elastic bands that prevent lower bust from hanging around everywhere during sleep, this bra provides ideal comfort, and I would imagine for those with bigger boobs, better sleep quality, as well as all-round care of the bust.

Not just that, it works while you sleep! It's patented design has a unique interfold to effectively prevent bulging fats and keeps bust in shape while lying down. The wide shoulder straps also reduce weight pressure of the bust. So over time and daily use, it sort of shapes your muscles and fats to keep them together to achieve fuller, better shaped, less saggy boobs!

If you would like more info about EXABRA and how you can get those boobies in order, here are their contact details!

Cle Maison Lounge, 46 Kim Yam Road #02-25 The Herencia Singapore 239351
T: 6333 1318

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