Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Singapore Turf Club X Playboy Fragrances White Party

Ok, so I attended the Singapore Turf Club's X Playboy Fragrance's VIP White Party, and although I've been doing their programme, Whazzup, for 3 years, I haven't had the chance to go up to their Sage Room.

We've filmed in various parts of the Turf Club, but never once inside one of the event rooms. Thus, that night was quite an eye opener for me.

On top of that, they had a PLAYBOY BUNNY and a guy (I don't know what the guy was supposed to be actually... a Playboy Hare???) to pose for photos with everyone who wanted one.

LPP and I had a great time pretending to be atas, sniffing perfume, and getting a preview of what Playboy Fragrances had in store for the Singaporean market.

Did you know that the kind of fragrance you use says alot about your personality? Generally, female fragrances are divided into 3 broad categories, the Fruity, the Floral, and the Woody.

Which one are you? 

With Playboy Fragrances, there's one to suit every part of you, whether you're that girl-next-door, that Bunny-next-door, or everything in between.

Not sure which to choose? Why not try this quiz!

After all that sniffing around, both of us really wanted to get down to dinner because we had both spent really long days at work, and had nothing in our tummies the entire day!

And that's what we did. After stuffing myself silly with the beef cheek (which I think I really had too much of), we went on to WITNESS the HORSES run, LIVE!

We were taken to the Parade Ring, where race-goers get to observe the horses before they place their ticket on which horse they believe will be the winning horse.

LPP predicted Number 9 (she liked that he was white). I predicted Number 7, Sir Oakley. With that stature and confidence, I knew, from the moment I laid eyes on him, that he was a winner.

And off they go! I was so happy to see No.7 tear away from the rest of the group at the start of the race, but soon after, he was overtaken by No.9. (Both LPP and I seem to have a good eye for this.) No. 9 led the race for quite awhile before being overtaken by some other number, and then, just as the race was about to end, like there was some kind of innate magical turbo, Sir Oakley (my No.7) shot off and rocketed to the finish line. WINNING THE RACE!

She figured I could work part-time for her Dad, by helping him predict the winning horses.

And happy as we were, we finished off the night by doing a survey outside the event room! Hahah, yes we were nice enough to do this "very quick survey" that was like 30 pages long! But were given this little token in return.

In case you didn't know, those are Singapore Turf Club's Mascots, Racer and Clover.

How did I know? Well, I watch Whazzup!


Eunice Tan said...

Wow, I didnt know you won at the race! Nice one there. Hehe, so honoured to have you at our event on Friday ;)

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