Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some Detective Activity

Yes, it's mid-week again, and here I am, finding some way to occupy my mid-week night. In this rain, there isn't much else for me to do other than click around, sleuth the internet, and stalk my stalkers.

And alas Jolock, the modern, prettier version of Sherlock, has found something to tickle her (or your) fancy.


The answer to all questions ignited by boredom. Best part is, one may even be sweetly rewarded if one were to put two and two together to solve the mystery.

So here is how it goes. PSB Academy will release 3 clues per week, 1 clue every couple of days. And as the clock goes tick-tock, one will have to scour through their website, Facebook page, brochures, and where else not to find the missing piece of the puzzle. (Actually it's not very difficult la.)

Here is an example of last weeks mystery.

Once one has figured out the title of the course, one types it in, and here's where one throws one's detective skills out of the window, and counts on Lady Luck, or one's 7000 friends on Facebook and Twitter.

One will have to share one's unique link to increase one's chances whenever one or two, or many of one's friends were to take part as well. 

And then ... one crosses fingers and counts ones lucky toes. 

Good luck, Watson.

And the sweet reward? Well, Detective, the answer is already in this post. 

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