Friday, December 21, 2012

AVEDA Hair & Scalp Treatment at Urbanhair, Marina Bay Sands

Due to constant, excessive styling (and already naturally brittle hair), I couldn't help but walk around looking like I always had a bird's nest on my head.

Either that, or if someone held me by my legs and carried me upside down, they'd find that I double up as a talking broom.

Yes, it's true! I wasn't born with shiny locks and a thick mane. And on top of that, I never know how to manage my hair well. Also, the thought of overloading my head with tons of chemicals with names like formaldehyde, triethanolamine, diethanolamine, and whatever other mines and hydes that I can't even pronouce... really doesn't sit well with me.

Luckily for me, Eugene from Urbanhair has always given sensible advice, and does a perfect job of getting my hair back in shape every time I visit.

He keeps reminding me of different ways to style my hair, and how the correct and suitable shampoo and conditioning set, plus regular treatment will slowly but surely do my hair good.

This time round, he got a shock when he saw my hair. Yeap. I did a photo shoot that week and I think the stylist from the photoshoot got a bit overzealous with the heat curling iron. My hair was rebonded and somehow after that photo shoot my hair just wouldn't get back to straight.

Don't ask me how or why. I don't know either.

 Eugene remained calm, and ensured me that he would fix this. So this is what we did that day. 

The Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment deeply penetrates to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. Using the power of pure plant oils and quinoa protein, it restores health, silkiness and shine.
part of a four-step restructuring system
helps strengthen hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure
quinoa protein penetrates the hair shaft, working from inside to help strengthen and repair
phellodendron and barley seal in moisture
castor, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils smooth hair's surface

There's also a feel-good factor about sitting in Urbanhair and using Aveda products. With it's strong beliefs rooted in connecting beauty, environment, and well-being, this socially responsible product/lifestyle really cares for the world we live in. From the products they make to the ways in which they give back to society, they strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

  Did you know that a lot of the products that are essential to a salon's daily tasks, shampoo & conditioner, color for hair dye, and perm chemicals contain nasty ingredients that don't mix well with the environment?

Imagine all the chemicals used in salon products that go down the drainage system and is flushed back into the sea... The poor fishes will have to live in shampoo and remnants of hair dye.

Imagine if you were that fish. 
Not very pleasant, is it?
That said, there aren't that many salons in Singapore that actually care about the environment. Well, at least, I haven't spoken to a single salon owner who has told me that they take into consideration environmentally responsible ways to run their salon. Not until I met Eugene, that is. 

So the next time you choose your hair salon, be sure to choose one that not only makes you look good, but one that cares for YOU, and for the ENVIRONMENT.

Because True Beauty Should Be...


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