Saturday, December 3, 2011

Macarons for Charity!

Today we stayed in and baked Macarons all day long! All for the sake of Christmas! My brother, his friends and I have embarked on this project to make Christmas a lil' more meaningful for each of us.

The proceeds from the sale of the macarons will go into purchasing food supplies for the old and needy. 

Of course, when we bake, we must also make sure we look good! Just like these two cuties over here!

And after all, y'know what they say...

So sexy, in fact, that my bruvver decided to put on his Fluffy Pink Bathrobe.
Now, as you can see, we had a lot of fun! But baking is also Very Hard Work! Timing is essential when baking macarons and you can't leave it in the oven for a split second more than it should be in there.

And that's why, thank goodytwokins for me, I've got a trusty friend who kept us in good time!
Of course, my tough-as-luck, water-resistant Baby G did not bat an eyelash when it had water splashed all over it while I hastily washed my hands at every point (hygiene first!). Neither did it flinch when it came close to the smokin' hot oven.

And FINALLY, our Macarons were ready!!!

Don't they look yummy?!??!!
Now here comes the BEST PART.
Girl and Baby G not included.

  • If you'd like to purchase some,  
  • or if you'd like more details and information,  
  • or if you'd like to help out in any way,
  • or all of the above,
    please look us up on Facebook.
  "Food for Christmas Project"
P.S: It's a small group and this is the first time we're doing this, but we're committed to making this happen. Looking forward to your support!
Of course, Christmas is really around the corner so don't forget to do your Christmas shopping!

*Whisper* A watch is an awesome gift. And to make it even more special, why not make it a Baby G?

It's pretty, stylish, tough, and durable. Just like how that special girl is to you. So get that! Trust me, she'll love you for it! ;)

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