Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby G goes to Manila, Philipines!

In this entry, we will see Baby G and me head up north to Philippines. Join us on our egggggggciting, fashionablizing adventure! 

This is my Teleporter. I sit in it and wish Very, Very, Hard...
Hm... I think it's not working...
Oh, there, there it's working! ...And OFF, OFF, and AWAY!!!

Checking into Shangri La, Makati. I'm very sure my BabyG impressed the front desk lady so much that she decided to bump me up to the Deluxe Suite!
As we drove into the driveway, we were greeted by the very beautiful Christmas decorations.
A small portion of my suite! And Baby G that keeps me in good track of time!
At the Famous Mall of Asia, attempting to eat a meteorite...
We were in awe of this system. You need to get into seperate queues to enter the mall. Like going toilet...
The Christmas Spirit is strong in Philippines!!!
And the mall decorations were awesome. Certainly not falling short of its reputation as Asia's Biggest Mall.
My friend and colleague, Asra and me. We CARRY BeLLS.
Whee! More decor!!! Unfortunately my teleporter doesn't accept excess baggage, so we had to stick to purchasing  small items.
Okay Okay, I LIED! I don't have a teleporter.
I had to take the plane, just like everyone else...
A girl really doesn't need much when she has her own style, a big smile, and a good watch!
Go Philippines eat Indian Food.
Just like every other Singaporean, we needed our nightly dose of Prata.

Standard Protocol when packing for a last minute trip.

Shirt Dress can be dressed up or down. Just bring along suitable accessories like a belt or a chenky necklace.

2. Shorts in either White or Black goes with virtually anything!

3. Bra Tops
(i.e. Nike/Adidas/Victoria's Secret) so that you don't have to worry about your precious bra cups getting squashed.

4. Sensible Shoes
you will be walking around all day in these. Also make sure they go well with your clothes! Ballet flats are good for an urban destination but certainly not suitable for rocky roads. Wedges are good for beach destinations. So do make sure they SUIT where you're going. 

A Good Watch! My scratch-proof World Time Baby G kept me in good time. Even when they turned the lights off in the plane, it's glow-in-the-dark hands told me how long more it was before we landed. Oh, what would I do without you Baby G?! Best part, it was so easy to match it with all the outfits I brought along! Talk about versatility!

So, what's next?

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