Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Point and Shoot!

Point and Shoot – The idiot-proof camera with AMAZING RESULTS!

Ideal for users (like me) who just want to point and shoot, the PowerShot SX230 HS features Canon's Smart Auto mode. Designed to make it easy for anyone to get great-quality shots, Smart Auto uses Scene Detection Technology to evaluate your shooting situation and decides which is the best function to use. All you need to do is focus on framing the shot, and Smart Auto takes care of everything else. (Really, the camera does it all. You just... SNAP AWAY!)

Smart Auto also features the latest Advanced Subject Detection technology, which means the camera is able to identify and lock onto non-human subjects such as pets or other moving objects within a scene. Once identified and the shutter has been half-pressed, it ensures the subject remains in focus and well-exposed, right up until the shutter release is fully pressed and the image captured. (HAHA GOTCHA NOW, RICHIE)

Smart Auto also ensures that subjects are captured in the best possible detail, reducing the occurrence of harsh shadows and over-exposed highlights.

My Powershot also features a range of high-speed shooting features - ideal for capturing the fastest-moving action. (Richie running, Richie jumping, Richie flying...)

High-speed Burst mode means that users will never miss a moment, rapidly shooting up to 8.1 shots/sec. at 3.0 MP resolution so every moment of the action is recorded. (Paparazzi siol~)

Super Slow Motion Movie mode offers a great way to slow down fast-moving action like sports, and dramatizes Eeevveeeerrrryyytthhhiiiiing.

And finally, one of my favourites, the new Movie Digest shooting mode provides a fun new way to add movie footage to a day of shooting still images. So you make a mini-documentary, while getting lots of photos!!! Still don't get it? Well, the Movie Digest mode films and records the action up to four seconds before every still image taken, before joining all clips captured into a VGA-resolution movie.

What about getting all that data up unto a computer? Well, worry not. Designed to work with Mac and PC video applications it can dramatically speed up the process of importing, editing and sharing movies across multiple platforms and devices.

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