Friday, November 11, 2011

13 Reasons why Canon Powershot SX230HS is Awesome!

  1. 12.1 Megapixels High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor
    • Produces sharp and clear images, with high ISO speeds that eliminate camera shake, and Wide Dynamic Range that ensures sharp detail even in shadows and high-contrast areas.
    • Reduces noise in low light conditions, even without the use of a tripod!

    • 14x Optical Zoom
      • Needless to say, this is good for voyeurs.

      • 28mm Wide-Angle Lens
        • Allows you to capture everyone in a big group, or take great scenic panorama. 
        • Not many people know this, but it is also good for camwhoring because you don't have to stretch your hand TOO far out, but can still get a full picture of yourself + some background!

          • Built-In GPS
            • This function automatically captures the geographical details of every shot you take,
            • Records the time, latitude and longtitude of where you are,
            • and gives memories an exciting new dimension and makes sharing photos more fun (and detailed) than ever!
              It's almost scary. You can't lie about where you were!

              • Movie Digest
                • Automatically records a four-second movie clip prior to shooting a still photo.
                • At the end of the day, movie clips are combined into one file and saved to the memory card.
                • A short "documentary" is created just by shooting still photos!
                • Allows playback of movies by date!
                • Great for holidays and remembering what happened JUST before the photo was taken!
              • Toy Camera Effect
                • Creates the impression that the photo was shot on a Toy Camera. 
                • Fun, artistic, and increasingly popular among photo enthusiasts. VERY POPULAR with me.

              • Monochrome Effect
                • Empasizes on contrast and grain, hence making photos look very artistic.

              • High Speed Burst
                • Allows you to capture great pictures of a quick moving subject.

              • Full HD (1080p) with Stereo Sound
                • 48KHz sampling rate ensures superb stereo sound!

              • Miniature Effect In Movie
                • Y'know the Miniature Effect in the photos? Well, you can even use it in the Movie function!

              • Dynamic IS (for Movie)
                • When you're in motion, your subject and background shake are controlled.
                • This allows you to get sharp, steady shots of active subjects as you move along with them.

              • 3.0" LCD
                • Better to see with, duh!

              • Super Slow Motion Movie
                • Shoots 240 frames per second (fps), then plays back at 30fps!
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