Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Going To Be A Calendar Girl~!

Freshlook was on the lookout for Effortless Beauty Ambassadors, and I thought I'd give it a 
shot. I'm not gonna lie and say,"my friend sent in my photo". I sent in my own photo and hey,
whaddya know, they called me up!

So I went, popped on those lenses, got made up and took some photos. I had a glimpse at the
photos, and they looked pretty good!
(Thanks to the very awesome photographer and super make-up artist!)

Sadly, they'll only be touching up ONE photo, and putting it up on the Freshlook Illuminate 2011 Calendar. But one good photo is enough to make my day! :P

Anyways, about the lenses, I was surprised that they're actually pretty comfy. Thing about my 
eyes is that they get itchy and redden very easily. Something as simple as mascara is enough 
to make my whole eye swollen so I'm cautious when it comes to putting stuff around and into 
my eyes. If you've noticed, I use very little to no eye make-up on non-shoot days. 

Well... there's actually one more reason why I don't use alot of eye make-up. I SUCK at doing 
my own make-up (shaky hands!) and I can't stand going out with messy looking make-up. 
I think that clumpy mascara, uneven eyeliner and cakey foundation doesn't do justice to the wearer and I sure as hell don't want to fall victim to that! Besides, my eyes are small and deep-set so it takes more than a little skill to be able to get the make-up around it done nicely.

So! I was pretty happy and surprised at how effortless it is to look good when I tried on those 
lenses! First of all, it INSTANTLY made my eyes look bigger and more defined. Secondly, while I was getting my make-up done, I thought to myself, "with all this make-up plus the lenses, my peepers are gonna go soooo reeeedd!" But they didn't! The photos can vouch for it!

Well, keep your eyes peeled for the Final Product (my photo, duh!) in the 2011 Calendar. I 
can't wait to see it!

Esprit Big Bang in KL

Singing Class Graduation

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