Monday, December 6, 2010

The Studio

How many of you have taken glamour shots before?

I haven't. I've always found it too expensive and for some reason, always feared that I won't look good in those pictures. So I was thrilled when I won the prize to get a free make-over and photo package at The Studio. Best thing is, I could bring along my friends to take photos with me!

So I brought Nikki, and it was her first time too!

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed myself that day because there was no stress at all. I could do all sorts of stupid poses and silly things and it didn't matter. The photographer was very nice and allowed us to go nuts. Nikki + Joanne = Alot of noise and nonsense! So imagine that! But he went nuts along with us.

All three of us also started bowling over in laughter when "Touch My Body" started playing over the sound system. I tell you, that Korean guy TOTALLY spoilt that song for me.

Anyhooies, once we were done with that, we headed down to the 'Viewing Room' and viewed our photos. We also chose a few. We had to pay extra for it because my package only included 1 photo, but it was a reasonable price. The salesman Chan was very nice and friendly and Patient! We took ages to decide which ones we wanted. So we made our payment and were told that it'll take a couple of days for them to get the photo printed and sent to us.
Finally, we were done for the day and just as we were about to leave, it started to pour. So we had no choice but to take cover and wait the rain out. Luckily there was a nice little coffeeshop next door so we had our meal there and Nikki was having alot of fun checking out the Macho Man waiter.

To our surprise, the receptionist popped by an hour or two later and had our photos ready! Such efficient service! We were so excited and happy to see the Complete Product! They were very pretty photos indeed.

I am also awaiting the photo that will be printed out on the canvas! That one will take longer because they have to send the picture over to Sweden, their main branch, for printing.
All in all, the experience was a great one, and I really have to thank for choosing me as one of the prize winners! As a matter of fact, I may even return there for more photos, maybe with my mom! Since she's such a glamour monger, and maybe even with Richie! (Yes, they do pet photos too!)

Photos are scanned in from print.

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