Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sentosa Spooktacular 2010

I attended the Sentosa Spooktacular compliments of and oh my, what fun I had. I was allowed to bring a friend and the only thing we had to do was to come in costume so I was really excited and decided to get Nikki to come with me. So we spent hours thinking about what to wear and she decided to go as a cowboy cheerleader (talk about being creative!) and I was gonna go as Nerd Girl. Anyhooies, it turned out she fell ill and now the poor girl is nursing a bout of gout and a painful foot! :( (get well soon darlin!!!

So, I had to find someone else, there was no way I'd walk thru spooky Sentosa on my own!!! So Chun was very sporting and agreed to come with me and even agreed to wear the splitting headache headband which I got last-minute! (Not bad for someone usually very straightfaced!) I actually pitched some of my last-minute costume ideas to him but they didn't go down well... Oh well. At the end he mentioned he wished he came in something more interesting! Now that's called gettin into the Spirit of Halloween! It's ok Chun! We still have the rest of October to dress up! 

So enough said about getting ready to go. Here're the pictures! 

The Graveyards. Nicely Decorated, and we had fun photo-taking. There was even a full moon and the haze to make it creepier.

We didn't quite know what to expect as we entered The Cursed Island at the Merlion. It was our first stop and we were given a rope and everyone was to slip their hand through and "HOLD ON TO THE ROPE AT ALL TIMES".
Creeper of the Night, and the Case of the Over-Zealous Fog Machine.

I suffer from night blindness so I tend to get nervy in the dark 'coz I can hardly see anything and whatever I can see just turns out warped and creepier than usual. And the blue mermaid girl looked REALLY scary in the dark. And Fierce. She looked like she was ready to bite someone's head off. Note: I didn't even know she was a mermaid until I saw this picture after.

Further up the tunnel, I dropped something and bent down to pick it up, and this guy came crawling over. I was massively freaked out. I got such a shock and screamed in his face and this is what happened to him. Poor soul.

Me begging for mercy, and Chun still can take photo.
I don't remember seeing this guy in there...
Interview with

Ok I'm done, can I go home now? But I gathered up my nerves, because there were 3 other trails to go to. And I wanted to see them all!

Photo with blogger, Mint Leong.
Next Stop: The Haunted Asylum.
(This one's the scariest!)
I gave the ghouls a run for their money by screaming my heart out. I really don't do too well with people popping out at me in the dark. 

Taking a break before heading to the next horror house.
Les Deux Nerds.
Joanne thinks to herself: "Let's get ahead of the queue with our media passes!"
3 cheers for omy! Yay yay YAY!

Spice of Life: Having a zombie appear behind you in a self-portrait.
3rd Trail: Dead or Alive Wax Museum
After the Wax Museum trail, my head was throbbing,my throat was sore and I think Chun had gone deaf with my screaming, so he went to buy a drink while I was camwhoring with Kathy, this really sweet girl which I met. Unfortunately, the photos on my cam weren't clear at all! :(

We were saying it's funny how when you're in a horror house, you just grab WHOEVER, regardless of whether or not you know the person. Kathy and I just huddled together throughout nearly the whole thing!

So anyway, Chun came back with the drink, and when I asked him what it was, he said "Vampires Urine". Yea, that's what they call Pineapple juice there. And ice-cream was "Cold Scream". And all these other interesting names like, "Living Guts" and whatelsenot.

Chun and I then decided to break away from the group because I wanted to go around and take photos with the wandering ghouls and I wasn't kidding about the sore throat. I wasn't looking forward to sounding like a bapok the next morning.
Tip: Bring Strepsils! Or Ricola! And yes, as you can see, I got me some Cold Scream to soothe those vocal chords.


The place was beautifully decorated (in Halloween terms, of course.) Decorations were very detailed and I couldn't help but notice that the skeletons were all placed in rather... Compromising positions. 

Of course, we had to have Chun strike a pose with his Bazooka.
And I had to have a photo with the pretty ghost who looked gorgeous even with all that ghastly make-up on.

Finally, we headed over to the Sky Tower for our finale. 


View from the top.
All in all, we had a ball of a time and I'd like to thank Sentosa and for giving me the opportunity to attend this wonderful event! If you'd like to go, Spooktacular is on 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th and 31st October. It starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. Tickets are on sale at $38 or $28 (early bird) and can be purchased at Sentosa Ticketing Counters.

Of course, for more details, you can log on to or call 1800-SENTOSA(736 8672).

Twitter: @sentosaspook

So head over to Images of Singapore, The Merlion and Tiger Sky Tower at Sentosa this Halloween! See you there!

Joke of the Day: What do birds sing on Halloween?
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