Wednesday, October 6, 2010


October is here again, and I can't wait to see all the exciting things that are going to happen! First of all, it means that Halloween is nearing by, and I LOVE playing Dress-Up!

So, I've started wrecking my tiny little brain thinking of what I'm going to dress up as. Here are some ideas I found!

P.S: I have a feeling we'll be seeing alot of Na'vis and Mad Hatters this year. Zzz. Boring!

1. Quarterback
Just make a big Quarter Pound Coin out of styrofoam and stick it on your back.

2. Black Eyed Peas
Just use black face paint / eye-liner and draw the letter "P" around both your eyes.

3. Lost Dog
Get a soft toy dog, and pin it to the back of your dress/pants. Make pamphlets looking for Lost Dog and give it out. Or, to be more environmentally friendly, make a signboard that says "Lost Dog" with a picture of your stuffed dog on it, and carry it around.

4. Chick Magnet
Make a big horseshoe magnet out of styrofoam and wear it around your neck. Paste little stuffed chicks at the edge of the magnet.

5. One Night Stand
Use cardboard to make a 'bedside cabinet'. Cut a hole out at the top for your head to go through. Purchase a lamp shade (Ikea has tons) and wear it on your head like a hat. Voila! You're 1 Night Stand!

Need help with any of these? Feel free to ask! I love making costumes!

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