Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Morning After...

So I had a grrreat Friday Night. Whaddya Know?! I wake up on Saturday morning with a Splitting Headache, and I STILL have to go for rehearsal, and I STILL have to get out of bed even though the HAZE is still lurking around~!


So I DRRRRAAAAAAAG myself out of bed, consider making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to cheer myself up, but no. Not with that sore throat. It felt more dry than ever, and I really needed something to drink.

Thank goodness I left a can of F&N Seasons Green Tea out the night before. (Can't drink cold, refrigerated drinks first thing in the morning!) So it was nice, room temperature, and absolutely refreshing.

Feeling much better, I got around to doing what I meant to do that Saturday. Make Nikki a get well card! 

I think this one would be very suitable!
I love collecting free postcards, so I always pick up a couple whenever I come across some pretty ones, and I'll use them to write little notes for my loved ones. (Yea yea, call me a cheapo, but hey! The best things in life are free!) 

And once I finished with the card and the sunflower, I decided to see what I could do to get MYSELF better. Yes, throbbing headache and a bad mood. I really detest that smoggy fog that makes me feel like I'm going blind. Give me back my Sunshine! *monster Jo makes an appearance*

Well, I decided that it'll be great if I could share some tips on how to stay healthy and happy during this trying and hazy period. So I'm off to my research! Stay tuned. I'll be back with some great news on my next post! :)

Don't forget to Seal With A Kiss!


Anonymous said...

Got it!!the kiss too! Muacks you back

Anonymous said...

oorrrrhhhh...shouldnt you be drinkin heaven and earth's green tea and not season's?? oorrrrrhhhhh