Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Once upon a time, I tompang-ed Nikki, and this was the conversation we had.
Nikki: "Jo, why do you sometimes lean forward and crouch over while riding?"
I: "This way I can go faster!"
Nikki: "Huh?"
I: "Makes me more airborne!"
Nikki: "Oh..."
We start going uphill.
Nikki: "Need some help?"
I: "Would do!"
We both lean forward and crouch over.
I: "Y'know what we could do with?"
Nikki: "What?"
I: "Some turbo!"
Nikki: "Huh?"
I: "Let out a good one! Fart!"
Nikki: "Oh. Okay!"
I: "Together... 1, 2, 3!"
A loud clap of thunder resounds through the neighbourhood, and a flash of horizontal brilliance shoots right past, just like a flash of lightning, but sideways.
The End.

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