Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I recently caught a couple of movies, and this is what I think.

1. How to Train Your Dragon
GOOD. I'm a fan! And I'm in love with Toothless. So Cuuuuuuuuute! Like Richie like that.

2. Kick Ass
Less than expected. The trailer was much better than the movie itself. I feel very cheated watching real people get stabbed by knives, hit by a car, and SURVIVE. Hello, if you wanted to make it that unreal, use cartoons at least. I still like Hit Girl though.

3. Shutter Island
Depressing. Leonardo DiCaprio outdid himself again. It's nice to see actors take themselves and their characters seriously. For the acting, it's a movie worth watching... but for any other I don't want to put myself through that pain!

4. Mao's Last Dancer
Nice. Read the book a couple of years back. For me, book-turned-movies are hardly ever as good as the book, but this one was pretty good on its own, as compelling as it was on page. Simple, easily digestable, and has a happy ending.

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