Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day One

The flight was prolonged for some reason and I arrived in Bali much later than scheduled. And being stuck in the air for so long made me hungry. So the minute I got into the hotel, I dumped all my bags down and dashed out for FOOD!

Yes, the lemonade is really THAT sour!

There was also this really funky ice-cream stand and I actually paid IDR$12,000 for a cone when it only cost IDR$5500 in MacDonald's. So stupid right! I felt so cheated when I found out. But oh well, guess I was really in need of some Strawberry I-Scream!

I remember taking pictures in front of the stand but hm... can't find it now.

The first thing in the morning to do!

Joanne, the action-pack Surf Hero.

Skinny Dipping!! Hahaha, no la.

A Balinese Sunset.

Watch me Surf! Teehee~

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