Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day at The Beach

I really really tried to take photos, but y'know when you're at the beach you get all dirty and all. And then, it started to get dark so ... yea. Bad excuse, but.

Anyways! I brought Richie out to the beach for a barbeque, and yea, dog meat actually tastes quite good!

Haha! No la! I'm just joking! ( I am laughing at my own jokes.)

Anyhoos, I brought my roller blades, (yes, the roller blades which I got ages ago, but only used twice,) and had tons of fun with Richie dragging me all over the place. For a small dog, he's really got alot of strength.

Well, we met quite a few other dogs, but one bunch, in particular left an impression.

The Three Noisy, Spoilt Poodles.

The barking started from afar. It wasn't a friendly bark. It was a "what-the-hell-is-that-dog-doing-on-my-path?" kind of bark. So Richie ignores it (because he knows East Coast Park is a public area) and continues to mind his own business. But the barking gets nearer, and nastier.

I look up, and see this middle-aged man holding onto a leash with a white poodle at the other end, and next to him, his wife, presumably, with two other white poodles, also leashed. Two out of the three dogs are straining at their leashes, both yapping noisily at Richie, no doubt. The third one was giving Richie the "head-to-toe".

I looked at their female owner. She was also giving Richie the "head-to-toe". In addition, she was shooshing (*shooshing: verb def. to tell someone to be quiet) him. I was surprised because as far as I knew, and as far as I could see and hear, there was not a sound coming out of him.

Yes, some people are idiots all the way to their 40s and 50s.

Anyhoos, the poodle moved towards Richie and sniffles his nose. (Y'know how dogs like to touch noses.) And Richie, being the sucker that he is, sniffles back because he's probably thinking "hey, the chick likes me..." And then, She Bites Him! She Actually Bites His Nose! I'm not sure if that was a male or female dog, but I'd definitely say it was a bitch!

I pulled Richie away immediately. The owner didn't even bother to apologize. She just went "oh. oh heheheheh" and walks off.

Tell me, what do we do with dog owners like these?

I now strongly believe that there are is no such thing as a bad dog; only bad owners.

Anyhoos, don't worry about Richie's nose. He forgot the matter as soon as it happened, and continued to have his fun. He chased the ball on the beach 'til the sun set, and had a wonderful time.

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