Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today's Exciting Day

So, I wake up early in the morning, get on Skippy, and make my long, ardous journey to Mandai Zoo.

I saw rainclouds before moving off, but I thought to myself, "nah. It really can't rain Every Single Time I ride, right?"

So I went on my way, and it starts to drizzle about halfway there. I look ahead and I see clear skies, so I figured I probably could get there in time to get out of under this grumpy cloud. In other words, I didn't stop to put on my raincoat.

But No! The raincloud actually followed me! Yes, it did! All the way to the Zoo!

And then from the zoo it followed me to Yishun, where I had to go to top up my petrol because that, apparently, was the nearest petrol station.

And then from Yishun it followed me when I took a wrong turn and went up TPE, past Punggol, past Pasir Ris, past Tampines, past Bedok North, past Kaki Bukit, past Eunos, up the PIE, past Paya Lebar, past Kallang, (i can't remember what goes in between), All The Blinking Way to Toa Payoh!

I was lucky. I managed to reach Toa Payoh in time for my show. SMRT was having some prize-giving thing, and they were going on and on and on about the prizes, and our show was delayed. We clowned around backstage. (Refer to photos) And then we started whining about how our show Still Hasn't started. And then this little boy runs onstage during our show and starts screaming at our SuperHero.

And I'm so glad I'm home now.

That's Alicia on the left, and Agnes on the right.

Random photo taken by random stranger.

Caught off-guard.

Trey getting constipated, Me trying to use my powers to unconstipate him, and Kamal trying to look noble.

Q'n'A time.

Richie is just such a darling to come home to. I just got him new dog food, and the kibbles are little ball-shaped thingies. (His previous dog food were flat-ish kibbles.) So we all know what Richie becomes when you give him balls right? Well, he's actually PLAYING with his food. He takes one kibble, runs out, tosses it, runs to catch it, tosses it again, runs to catch it again, and repeats until I say "Richie, stop playing with your food."

Then, he eats it.

Then, he goes to his bowl and grabs another one. And the process starts all over... Well, that's a dog with ADHD for you.

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