Wednesday, September 3, 2008

White Paint and Red Shoes

I meant to stay home today to keep Richie company, but somewhere in between, I recieved a phone call to go down for an audition. So, I made my way over to Alexandra Road. (No, I didn't ride in my heels. I wanted to be a practical girl today so I brought a change of shoes. Can you imagine how silly I looked in my navy coloured dress, with red roses on it, on a green skipper and lime green canvas shoes? Next time you see a clown on the road, don't forget to say hi. It's probably me.)

Anyways! On my way back, silly me forgot all about the ERP and what-nots and so I went through Chinatown and got charged $1.50! Then, I went through City Hall and got charged $1! Which is a total of $2.50!!! Un-bee-lievable.

Well, I thought, "since I already spent $2.50 getting into the 'CBD', I might as well make full use of my time in here, right?"

So, I parked my bike, and headed over to The Substation to offer free labour.

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