Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TGIS goes to Bangkok!

For the first time ever, TGIS makes it way out of our Sunny Shores, and we head to the Land of Smiles, Bangkok!

It came and went like a flash, and our schedules were packed, rushing from one end of the city to the other just so that we could get valuable, youtube-worthy footage for all you awesome viewers out there.

Well, if you were staying tuned to our Live Feed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I'm sure you would already know all this, and I bet you're all rubbing your hands together in excitement for THE EPISODE. Yes, The Episode that features the lovely Tay Kexin, as she takes me through a Bangkok that I've never quite seen before!

And while we weren't zipping around trying to make the most of our trip, we were ... stuck in those legendary Bangkok traffic jams.

Not one to waste a second of my time, I caught up with friends over Facebook, updating them with all that was happening.

Many thoughts were relayed through Instagram...

And I shared some novel ideas via Twitter.

Compared to past trips where I refrained from using DataRoaming, this trip felt extremely busy. To be exact, I felt like A Woman On A Mission!

Photo - post - fun - photo -fun - post - tweet - post - fun - tweet - photo - post.

Well, all this wouldn't have been made possible if not for Singtel DataRoam Saver which allowed me UNLIMITED ACCESS to the world wide web at a flat rate of only $15 per day!

Plus, it's really easy to set up! You just need the My SingTel Account App on your phone, and if you don't already have it, here's how you get it!
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And if you ain't a Social Media Addict, having DataRoam still provides you with a lot more benefits than none.

Imagine if you were lost...

Or if you realized that your itinerary sucked...

Or if you just really NEEDED to have some ...PIZZA.

Don't Say I Never Say.

Love, and Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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