Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm absolutely smitten with Stolen


So I recieved this in my mail a couple of days ago. Stolen's 2013 Spring/Summer Collection is out, and by golly! How gorgeous it is!

It's still in pre-order status, and there are some pieces that are open for purchase (while stocks last). This means that you get to own the pieces before they even hit the stores. And all pre-orders get to enjoy 10% discount!

So here's a quick preview!

Not the usual Christmassy green, but a light, candyish mint. Perfect for the sweet, summery Christmas that we experience every year!
This piece is such a classic, but with a twist. I really love dresses that look so simple from the front, but have a va-va-voom back! *hearts-in-eyes*
This one is a killer, it's so lovely and simple, and exudes so much elegance I just NEED to have it in my wardrobe!

So, which is your favourite? Don't forget to LIKE Stolen's Facebook Page to find out more about how to make your pre-order purchase!
You can also visit their website at to find out more about owner and founder Elyn Wong.

Hurry, pre-order ends 22nd November.

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