Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby G goes Dress-Up!

As you probably already know, these past two weeks have been pretty crazy for me! Getting all the preparations done for TGIS is certainly no easy task.

There was wardrobe fitting, hair cutting, ramen eating and many many more!

All in the good name of FUN, and of bringing to you the best YouTube programme ever. That's none other than...TGIS!

Haven't had a chance to watch it yet?! Don't worry! Just do so, right here!!!

Now... What was the process like? Not one bit without my darrrrrrlin' Baby G! It goes great with practically ALL my outfits!

In my free time, I messed about with a new iphone app, and this is what I got. A self-made comic strip! (heheh, yes, we all know I'm actually a superhero in disguise, and what's a superhero without their own comic strip right...?)

Don't forget to come back for MORE Adventures!!!

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