Thursday, July 28, 2011

S.O.M.O (Stay Tuned For More! Updates Coming Soon!)

Hazy Day on my way back to the airport.
Awesome taxi driver who got me to the airport at Top Speed!
I think the Shanghai airport is perfectly modelled to resemble the HongKong airport. For a second, I thought the cab driver drove me straight to HK!
Do you see the rainbow, do you do you do you?
Crazy traffic.
Adidas Factory Outlet!!!
NIKE factory outlet!!! It felt like Harbourtown in Perth. But in a different language.
Yummy Bubble Tea. Very polite, friendly and um... bubbly counter staff. She told me which building to go to to get the best deals for SHOES. My instant friend!
CHEAPO ROAD! (Which isn't really a road... but a cluster of buildings that sell really cheap stuff!) A must-visit if you like good deals. Opens office hours, 9am - 6pm. Just tell the taxi driver Qi Pu Lu (chee - poo - loo).
Standard haircut. See? All the same hairstyle. I HAD to take a photo. So cute!
A pathetic attempt at camwhoring.

This is the "广场" in front of the Shanghai Train Station. May harbor some shady characters, but at the same time houses helpful newspaper stand uncles and funny security guards.

The Other Side.
My "New York" Cheesecake.

Don't you think places look so much better in photos just after rain?
My Toilet. I've always wondered why hotel toilets have windows. Is it so that occupants can keep their eyes out for unwanted entrants while they shower or poop? Or is it for their roomie to watch them bathe? I figured. It's so that they can watch TV while they're spending some precious time in the toilet. 
A cute art piece in one of the shopping malls.

Gorgeous Buildings.

Big Shoes.
Beautiful NEON-LIT Church...
All my shopping in a day! I LOVE SHANGHAI!

Up-Sea Up-SeA! More Up-SEA!

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