Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello One and All,

I'm INVOGUED! Invoked, but also In-Vogue (meaning I'm in fashion la!!) Haha so happy. I'm in fashion k, don't play play.

I'm very happy to be chosen as one of Zesta's Invogued Influencers. What's that?

"Presented by Zesta, Invogued is a new editorial initiative from Singapore’s leading news and entertainment web portal, omy.sg.
The content from Invogued is anchored by six carefully selected “Zesta Influencers”, each chosen based on their unique personality and passion in their respective lifestyle fields."

I've got a UNIQUE PERSONALITY!!! And PASSION!  *Proud* Wait 'til you see who else is in the list! It's so exciting to be categorized with these people!

"Follow Inch Chua, Estelle Kiora, Soh Ee Shaun, Joanne-Marie Sim, Mark Teo and Eric Lim on their editorial journey to uncover what’s cool and hip in Singapore as they bring you to the latest party or launches in town.
Be inspired, be invoked, be Invogued!"

Don't forget to LIKE the page! They have lots of contests, invites, and of course, updates on all the latest happenings in town! Not to mention, posts and reviews by yours truly.

See you there!

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