Friday, August 13, 2010

My National Day

Went for singing class last night, and my teacher mentioned my blog. Then I remembered that I haven't written in quite awhile! Sorry, busy la! hehehe I take my afternoon naps Very Seriously.

Alrighty suckers. How did YOU spend your National Day? I spent the weekend taking that 9hr long bumpy ride to Cherating. I soooo got cheated. I was told it was about 5hrs away.

First thing I did upon arrival back in Singaland was to head straight to Dominos for pizza takeaways. Oh, and the fireworks went off just as we got back.

Singapore was Celebrating my Homecoming.

Here are the photos! Will put BKK photos up soon!

"Documenting" myself.

Look Ma, I can Fly!


Trying to look like a SuperModel...

But cannot make it.

"I wonder... what is Bruce Lee's favourite drink..."

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