Friday, August 13, 2010

City Under Seige treated me to a movie last night, so I went!

While waiting for the movie to start, I learnt the art of eating popcorn without using my hands, and took photos with the 'Vampires Suck' standee. Looks like a parody of the neverending Twilight series, and looks like it's going to be really funny. (I'm not a Twilight fan, by the way.) I don't find the guy remotely good-looking and the girl, is she supposed to be a vampire too? But the werewolf's quite hot.

Anyways, I caught City Under Seige last night and *sigh* ShuQi is soooooo gorgeous. And the other girl, who played the police inspector, she's really good-looking too. I liked her character in the movie, and I think she did a great job playing it up even though she wasn't the female lead. She had me in tears!!!

Basically, the story follows the typical Hollywood action flick formula, but contained bits of humanity here and there. It's a well-rounded combination of eastern and western film-making styles although I feel that this left it a wee-bit not here and not there. Considering the actors he used, the director Benny Chu could have added in more for character development. But nono, not enough time! Gotta squeeze in all the action and special effects!

Visuals were stunning (of course, Aaron Kwok, ShuQi, and that other girl~!! Just checked, her name is Zhang JingChu. So much eye-candy!), but of course I also mean the fighting parts. I LOVE watching kongfoo!

However, some of the acting was pretty mediocre. The japanese officer in the beginning of the movie... was very incredibly unconvincing. I wondered why the director didn't choose someone better to play the part. It's the beginning of the movie, you'd think he'd wanna make a good first impression! And the head honcho of the evil mutants, he turned up more funny than intimidating... although I don't blame him. It must be very difficult to act under all that make-up.

I also started off thinking that Aaron Kwok wasn't at his best, but could see that he was trying. The role he plays came off to me as completely different from his other roles, and although not very convincing in the beginning, his character, Sunny, starts to win my heart when he realizes he has all these superpowers but doesn't know what's going on. 2 thumbs up!

Well, the movie did contain all things a movie needed. It was funny, endearing, had some romance and some sad parts as well, and maybe even some lessons to be learnt, also considering that it's the first Chinese mutant-themed movie to be made, I'd give it 4/5!

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