Friday, January 20, 2017

Confinement Nutrition Round Two

So, I just completed the last of my ordered confinement menu and while I'm so happy to be "free from confinement", I must say I will miss the yummy doorstep delivery service.

The Natal Kitchen is a service provider for nutritious confinement food and I almost believe that they are one of the reasons I got "knocked up" a second time round. Sometime last year, I was lucky to be given a chance to try out their menu and I made a mental note to order from them if and when I get pregnant again.

To find out what I think about their food, you may refer to the post I wrote last year.

This time round, I ordered their trial menu once again, while I was still pregnant, just to make sure they still taste as good as they did last year. Now, the confinement period is supposed to be the time where "fresh moms" are treated like queens, and while I personally don't mind eating out of a bento, I know some ladies who do; and well, queens don't eat from tapau boxes. So I gathered a couple of friends to share my trial meal with me and re-plated the dishes so that they looked like home-cooked food. #playcheat

Watch how easy it was to prepare a feast fit for royalty!

I had two friends over and #mysweetkambing shared the food as well, so that made a total of four of us. Other than the rice, the dishes were more than enough to fill us all up. That's how large their serving portions are!!!

Some comments from my friends:

"Wah! So much ah?! You mean this is supposed to be ONE meal for ONE person!? Wow. I want to do confinement too!" - Jeremy

"The soup really has a lot of 好料 (good stuff). Very nutritious." - Evalee

"I love the vegetables! They're so fresh and cooked so nicely!" "I agree!" - Jeremy & Evalee

"More?" - Bart 

I have to make a disclaimer that the food was still warm when it was delivered. There is actually no need to re-heat. I only did so for the purpose of content for this video.

That said, if you are in the last stages of your pregnancy and looking for a confinement food service provider, look no further. This one is really thumbs up.

Have a smooth delivery and a happy confinement!

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