Saturday, October 5, 2013

Think Of Our Boys; an Army Boy Special.

When was the last time you saw an army boy in the train, or a bus? What did you do? Did you shy away from him because he smelt bad? Or expect him to stand for the entire ride because he's serving the nation, and needs to be 'strong enough' to hang in there?

Have you thought, just for a short moment, that he probably smelt bad because he had spent the entire day training up to be combat-ready just in case some other country decides to pull a trigger on us? And maybe, after a long day out in the field, he probably deserves the seat more than any one of us that has been comfortably sitting in the air-conditioned office 9-5, with coffee and tea breaks in between?

To be honest, I've been way guilty of all of these. I've always figured "oh well, it's good training for them anyways. At least we've never sent them to war." But I've come to realize that that's just bigoted thinking.

Just because we've never sent our soldiers to war doesn't mean that we should and can take our national safety for granted. Our soldiers don't. And every day, they train hard to ensure that we sleep safe.

One day outdoors in the sweltering heat is enough to kill most of us pampered individuals.

Can you imagine spending a couple of days and nights out in the field at one go, with no bed, no air-con, no bath, but lots of mosquitoes, greenery, sunlight and sweltering heat?

I'm sure there must be some way to find joy in this, and one would, if it was something that one did out of will and for leisure. But these boys are SERVING the nation, and it's not an easy job.

So the next time you see an Army Boy, don't be so hard on him. Maybe even a thank you or a smile would be nice. After all, the only reason that our Singaporean Sons are going through all that; is for US.

Below are some snapshots of a Girl's Day Out at the SAFTI Military Institute and MINDEF sites. Thanks for having me!
We were taken on a tour to find out more about what the boys go through during training.
Sufyan tells us what their driving force behind all their hard work is, full of pride in his face. They fight to defend our country, our land, and of course, our people.
The memorial chambers that remind our officers that national defence should never be taken for granted. To date, not a single soldier has died at war, and we hope it stays that way.
Some friends made.
Girl soldiers! So pretty!

They prepared loads of goodies for us despite their busy schedules. So thoughtful!
And this is just little old me, saying a BIG THANK YOU to every single person in the military for all that you've done!
Blooper Reel: Clearly, Wei Lyn is not remotely frightened by my 无影抓. NO FEAR!
If you'd like to find out more about our officers at work, do visit and like their Facebook Page by clicking here, or here.


Gene Khor said...

Looks like you're a fan of a man in uniform now huh? Props to you for the shout-out to the men in green :)

Joanne-Marie said...

YEAP! A big fan! They deserve so much more recognition than they get. ;)

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Anonymous said...

That Lion that you took a photo in fromt of used to ge a grand old icon of Singapore.

There were 2 of them. The used to guard the Mendeka Bridge...I don't even think this term is used nowadays as it is just called Nicoll Highway but you used to see them when you entered the bridge and then see the other one in your rear view mirror when you left the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Yay Joanne Marie Sim!

- Wesley

Joanne-Marie said...

@Anonymous, Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip!

Joanne-Marie said...

@Wesley, YAY! haha