Saturday, March 2, 2013

Of climbing spider webs and catching frogs...

I've been so busy with work everyday that I've almost forgotten my purpose in life. Hahah sounds serious, doesn't it?

But it's true. I was talking to my co-host today about travelling. We spoke about how some would rather buy a pair of $600 shoes than spend that money on travel instead. It's not wrong or anything. It's just personal preference. Some find happiness in tangible objects, some find it in the intangible. Me?

Well, it depends. But if I had to choose, I'd take travel any day.

My co-host agreed. He said that memories would never rot. And he could take photos to remember it by. But strangely, I disagreed. I love taking photos, yes, but if we were to spend my entire holiday with my face stuck to my viewfinder, what would I see? I would see the mountains, the seas, the fields and so much more.

But I would only see. I'd see the picture perfect scenery, but I'd miss out on the smell of grass in spring, the warmth of the autumn sunshine as it tries to fend off the oncoming cold winter winds, the joyfulness of everything in summer and the refreshing taste of snow in winter, as it slips into my mouth as I speak while walking at a very fast pace.

Sometimes, holidays isn't about taking home beautiful pictures to put on your wall. It's about living in the moment. The eagerness of waking up everyday to discover more about a place completely unfamiliar to you. The comfort of knowing that there is so so much beauty in this world for us to uncover and the only way to truly remember it by, is to take a photo, with your heart.

And by doing that, we may even find the courage to go back to where our routines live out, and try to find some semblance to the treasures we've found while in foreign lands. Maybe then, just maybe, we'd learn to appreciate what we have even more.

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