Saturday, October 27, 2012

Experimental Locks

Well, I've headed back to the salon to get my hair done and because it looked like it was growing out. This time round, Eugene decided to give me a straight look.

Not give ME a straight look. But give me a STRAIGHT look. Geddit?


Anyways, I wasn't too sure about it because my hair tends to be really flat so having it ironed out straight may end up making it look a little ... Boring. Besides, I love my curls!

Anyways, he reassured me that it shouldn't look too bad and went on to
apply the rebonding cream on my hair.

A couple of hours later, I came out a new woman. My hair was straight. I'm still not quite sure if I like it. But if anything, hair grows, and I'm already looking forward to my next haircut!!!

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