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Deadly Ever After + Giveaway Results!

So, Deadly Ever After was super fun for me. In fact, I don't know if it was fun because of the funny things my friends were saying/doing, or if it was fun because some of the scare actors were really good.

The night began with me getting lost in the train station. Bel was there and I was here and we couldn't find each other. It was so silly because it turned out that we were simply standing on opposite ends...

Anyways, we arrived at Harbourfront and had a huge debate with Bel insisting that she knew for a fact that we had to go to Mt Faber to get on the cable cars. I wasn't quite sure if we really had to do so because it can't be THAT inconvenient right??! Imagine if everyone had to climb up a mountain just to get on the cable cars... I'm sure there must be a better way...

Eventually, I WAS RIGHT~! The cable cars could be accessed from Harbourfront. You just have to get to the right building and go up to the 15th floor.

Anyways, the cable car ride was interesting because it was ANGRY BIRD themed!

The Angry Bird theme song played in the background as we floated through the air on a rocky cable car (only because we kept hopping from one side to the other so that we could take photos with the Giant Angry Bird that was sitting in the car with us)

Here are some of the things you can do with a Big Bird:

And here is a PROPER photo of the three of us. I've known Ginny (right) all my life and Bel (left) for almost 15 years! And since then, we've always enjoyed spooking each other out, sharing ghost stories in the middle of the night, going to Haunted Houses, watching movies like The Ring, and of course, dressing up for Halloween. However, when with the two of them, nothing is scary anymore because they always say and do the funniest things and I'll always end up laughing my head off.

Getting off/on the cable car...

Some of the wandering ghosts were really creepy. This girl is one of them. She looked like she was really dead.

Well, although the queues were long, I think guests were well entertained. We could hear alot of screaming going on (of course, we contributed to a large percentage of the screaming as well) as these wandering ghosts came around to attempt to make friends with people in the queue. I really don't know how these characters keep straight faces. I wondered to myself if they were just naturally grumpy people in real life...

Anyways. I heard that some were so spooked out by the trail that they came out crying! (I WAS NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS...)

FINALLY, it was OUR TURN to go in. *Jeng Jeng JENG!*

Ok I was officially scared. I wasn't feeling very well and when I'm not in top condition, I always tend to feel a little more insecure because if anything... I won't be able to FIGHT OFF THE GHOSTS and RUN AWAY! I immediately declared that I did NOT want to be the last one, and NOT the first one either.

So anyway, it starts off with this dead bouncer looking guy that warns us "do not touch the ghosts". And of course, without a doubt, my friends had to ask him questions back. Like "so what if the ghosts touch us?" and  "why cannot touch ah, what will happen?"

... -_-

Once that warning was done and the agreement was made that we will not touch the ghosts and the ghosts will not touch us, he proceeded to allow this old lady to speak to us. This old lady seemed to be in distress, telling us to find her granddaughter, so Ginny said "who's your granddaughter? Where is she?" and went on to have a nice conversation with the old lady. Yes, Ginny is very good with old folks.

So, the old lady was very nice and gave us some red thread which Ginny was to safekeep. Apparently, the red thread was to keep us safe, and Ginny was to guard it with her life. Ginny even went on to comfort the old lady, saying "don't worry... we will help you to find your granddaughter Baoling"...

"It's Ah Ling, Ginny. Ah Ling."

And so off we went on our journey, in search of Ah Ling.

It was super spooky and I just kept screaming the whole way, but of course, there were some funny bits as well.

Ginny kept asking EVERY GHOST if he/she was Baoling. And I kept screaming "AH LING it's AH LING!!" for fear that some ghost would get us because we got her name wrong.

Bel attempted to start a conversation with the pocong (a malay mummy) to ask how much he got paid to do this... and he started to FOLLOW us. Which TOTALLY freaked me out.

And the one that really set me off was this particular character, who I think was a supposed to be a serial murderer or rapist or something that had half a dead girl on the table and he looked like he was doing some operation on her, and when we stepped in he screamed at us.

Almost immediately, Bel said "eh, why you touching her tetek?" I looked down and indeed, his hand was on one of her boobs. I burst out laughing because the ghost looked like he was caught off-guard but he recovered very quickly and stayed in character. It was still too funny though.

We went through a series of different characters. There were some mad doctors, grumpy nurses, headless man, a pair of LEGS, a pocong (although I really don't know what the pocong was doing there...) and so on.

But after ALL that screaming and scaring, we FINALLY made it through to the end, where a girl stood, next to what appeared to be a dead man. The not-so-happy couple looked like they were about to go through their wedding rites, and AH! "Ginny, I think this is Ah Ling!!!"

Ginny was so happy to find her. "Are you Ah Ling?!" The girl nodded. "Your grandmother is looking for you! You better go back" Ginny dutifully passed the red thread to Ah Ling, and that was the end of our haunted trail.

It was scary, but at the same time, funny and enjoyable. And of course, I think for these kinda things, it's always important to get the right kind of company!

We couldn't bear to end the night so soon, and so the very nice people from Sentosa 4DMagix let us into the rides!!!

The Extreme Log Ride, Singapore’s First 4D Virtual Simulation Ride, is a fully simulated, larger-than-life, indoor 4D motion ride. Basically, the ride brings you through the Himalamazon, which is a Super Eden inspired by the vast mountain system of the Himalayas and the rolling verdant lands of the Amazon. And yes, of course, it includes all the highest mountains and deepest valleys, and the tons of fun that comes with it.

Personally, however, I enjoyed the Desperados ride much more! Maybe because we get to shoot guns and I'm such a big fan of shooting games. Undoubtedly, I came home with the highest score for both rounds! *Brag Brag, Bow, Bow*

Plus, extra points added for the movement of the "horses" which made the game more challenging.

Finally, congratulations to...

Janette Tan, Azmi and Funkylysuperlovecheesymomoks!

You guys have each won a pair of premium package tickets to Sentosa 4Dmagix's Deadly Ever After Haunted Trail! Your tickets have been posted and are on their way to your mailbox!

For everybody else, don't forget to get your tickets! The Deadly Every After Haunted Trail will run for THREE MORE DAYS on the 26th, 27th and 28th of October! So don't miss out! Get more information here.

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