Friday, July 13, 2012

Girls with the Curls, put yo' hands up!

What a day! First of all I was caught in the torrential rain as I rushed down from my home on the East Coast, all the way to a school touring show in the West Coast, only to find out that I totally blundered up on my schedule and missed out on a very important meeting entirely!! Needless to say, I was totally affected, wondering to myself endlessly about how stupid I could possibly be.

Talk about cross country travelling.

Anyways, the rain didn't falter. After my show, I had to ride in the rain all the way to the NORTH COAST for my shoot with the Singapore Turf Club. 

Right after the shoot, I was blessed to find that the rain has, THANKFULLY, stopped and so I rushed down to MBS for my appointment with Urbanhair.

It was nice to see Eugene again and on impulse, I told him I wanted to cut my hair to a medium length. 

For a second, I wondered if I should take those words back. It's been a long time since I've had short hair. I don't know if I would be able to handle it!

Anyways, let's backtrack a little. On my way to the salon I secretly wished the person who washed my hair the previous time would still be around. (Yes, because he did such a good job the last time!) But he wasn't. 

Instead, I was greeted by this very sweet stylist with very nice hair. She presented me with a menu, and asked me what I'd like to have. Taken aback (because I've never been to a salon that actually had a DRINKS MENU), I studied the menu for a long time wondering which was the best. They all looked so good. There was latte, organic tea, earl grey, milo, coffee. And the list goes on... 

This is the sweet stylist. I don't know why the pictures turned out so fuzzy... :(
But don't you think she has great hair??!

Because I was staring at the menu so long I think the sweet girl figured I had a problem choosing, so she suggested the Aveda Organic Tea. OK!

So off she went and in less than two minutes, she returned with a hot towel, and the cup of tea. How nice, a hot towel and a caffeine-free herbal blend, part of the Aveda Comforting Tea Ritual, on this awful rainy day. I was thankful. But THAT'S NOT ALL!

She came back with an oil which she dripped unto my hands. She suggested I hold it in front of my face and take a deep breath in. Now, this, I was to find out later on, was part of the Aveda Sensory Journey. This mood-lifting aroma bestowed a profound sense of well-being, and I instantly felt refreshed and all ready for my haircut!!!

The stylists at Eugene's salons should be called day-makers instead because they sure as hell make my day! :)

I remember Eugene saying the last time that he always believes in recreating, and in making a difference. Right down to the little details of how his staff speak, smile, and treat you to world-class service, I'd say he has really succeeded. 

Urbanhair never fails to surprise me with something unexpected, and that's what really makes it stand out from the countless of hair salons I've been to.

Happy and sedated after the extremely relaxing shampoo and massage, I await Eugene's rundown of The Grand Plan.


here's what we're doing today:

1. Cut to Medium Length

2. Digital Perm 

3. Treatment

Now I know, many of you will know that I have a head of natural curls, then, why perm? Well, as much as I love my curls, they are very naughty-naughty and curl in different directions all over the shop. And Eugene says there're lots of kinks in my hair as well. (So my hair is not only naughty, it's also kinky. Hm.) But that's expected anyway. 

Because, I don't take proper care of my hair. I tend to sleep with my hair still wet, ruffle it, back-comb it, stress it with styling products, flatten it with my helmet, and on top of all that, I don't eat foods that have been said to help nourish hair. Actually, there is a reason why I haven't really cut my hair short in a long time...

Because if you cut it short, then you can't tie it up. And that's my secret shortcut. When in doubt, I always pull all my hair back in a ponytail. In my case, it's a daily affair. My friends don't understand why I keep long hair when it's ALWAYS TIED UP.

So basically, the digital perm is to help tame those curls, discipline it a little, and of course, add more VOLUME to my hair! 

My ears always perk up when the words "VOLUME" and "(my) HAIR" are put in the same sentence, because my hair is SO FLAT, so I'm ever ready to pump it up.

I didn't expect to spend very long in the salon, but because we were perming, it had to take some time. So I started to find ways to keep myself occupied, like, reading magazines, taking photos of the photos in the magazines... etc, etc.

Just when I thought I was going to start getting restless, a nice lady came over and offered to give me a Hand Massage while I waited for the processes on my hair to complete. 

The Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual aims to produce dual sensations; touch and aroma, and provided me with further comfort while I waited in excitement for how my hair will turn out.

And Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for! 

I am totally in love with my new cut and love how natural it looks! Mostly, it really reflects my personality and it's easy to maintain as well!

Some photos of me Rockin' the New Do!

How do you like my hair and what look do you think goes well with this cut? 

Urbanhair Marina Bay Sands
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Singapore 018956.
Mon to Sun : 10am - 11pm
T : +65 6688 7766
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