Monday, March 26, 2012

ASIA ROOMS Search for Singapore's Social Travel Star SHOUT-OUT

First of all, THANK YOU Asia Rooms for the unforgettable night!

It was abound with pampering. 
 Manicures, massages, delectable desserts and CARICATURE!

Not forgetting, the pick-up by a stretch limo. There were so many firsts for me that night. And the list doesn't end there. I even won the Grand Prize in the lucky draw! And that's a two day one night stay at ... CAPELLA SINGAPORE!!! Woohoo~
Thank you, once again, Darren, for your lucky touch!
With all this, I'm rejuvenated and ever more excited to milk my lucky streak for all its worth, and take part in their upcoming Social Travel Star Contest!

You all should know that I really really, really really really, really really really want to host a travel show of my own, right?

Well, this COULD be IT!

Problem, I can't do it on my own. The requirement is for a PAIR of Travel Hosts. (And I don't think Romeo & Juliet make the cut)

So I need a friend! What's in store if we win?
We will travel to twelve unique hotels across four countries and debut on’s brand new YouTube channel with our very own series of room review videosNot forgetting, cash and prizes worth up to $10,000!

Enticed much? Let's get cracking!!!
To enter the competition in the ‘Search for Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star’, we must pair up to create and submit a video no longer than three minutes of our very own room review. The video needs to demonstrate our passion for travelling and eye for details that make a holiday and hotel room stay fun and memorable. Naturally, like avid social media users, we need to show confidence in front of the camera and a desire to spread the word.
Deadline for the submission of videos is on 11 April 2012. To be eligible, participants must be at least 18 years old, and possess a passport for travel with minimum 6 months validity.

More info on the competition can be found right here. Or Here!

C'mon, what are you waiting for! I'm SHOUTING OUT FOR MY PARTNER IN CRIME! Join me, and let's take over the world! 

Now, just in case you've already got your own travel partner, don't forget to check out my TGIS episode on how to make a rockin' video!


Susan said...

Hi Jo, not sure if you remember me. This sure sounds like great fun! Travelling and playing travel host. Good luck on finding your partner in crime :)

Joanne-Marie said...

Hi Susan! Yes, of course I remember you! We met at the Citibank Online shopping event, no? :) Thanks, I sure hope I win this competition if I manage to get a partner and come up with a video in time. It won't be easy... online voting, this one. Thanks for dropping by!

BigBert said...

Catch your presence here. XD

Asia Rooms said...

Awesome location...!!!Love to visit...!!!