Friday, February 10, 2012

Of Frills, Pomp and Pageantry

Warning: This post is self-indulgent, reeks of narcissism, and simply put, is very "ME, ME, I, I, Look-At-Me". My hair stands just writing it. But I'm prostituting myself on, and this is a neccessary measure in an attempt to get more bids.

Well, those closer to me would know that I gear towards being a No-Frills kinda girl. Of course, this doesn't apply to the stuff that I use. I still gush over frilly pink dresses and tiaras, and uber cute handphone cases with all the extra features (like popping ears) that I really don't need. But hey, I'm a girl, proud, and loving every moment of it! I also love all the privileges you get being a girl. Examples?

1. The prerogative to whine. Well, that's what the boys say we do "All The Time", so since it's already a said fact, why not just live up to it?

2. The entitlement to love shoes, clothes, bags and boys.

3. Being allowed to act cute.

"A show of magnificence," "an ostentatious display"? Well, this word certainly doesn't go very well up my alley. Pomposity turns me off, and any story along the lines of "did you know that he bought for her a 10-carat diamond ring?! OF COURSE she agreed," makes me roll my eyes. 

Sorry man, ain't no riches gonna buy my worth.

Maybe I'm just bitter. 


I always see in movies all those romantic things that people do for each other, and sometimes I even cry because it's so touching, but between sniffles, you'll hear me go "*sniffle* yea... as if that's going to *sobsob* happen in *sob*real life...."

I think the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me would be...being really excited whenever I get home everyday. And that's Richie.

How come ah? I don't know!

Maybe because I always portray that "No Frills" image, so people think that I don't need/want all that, when in actual fact, I really don't.

But it'll be nice, every now and then, no? Nothing too extraordinary, but a little effort, maybe?

Well, it's just 12 hours left, and This Whole Post Is Just So Those Of You Intending To Bid For Me Know What You're Getting Yourself Into.

Bid here, and hopefully, I'll see you on the 16th of February!
I'll also be prancing around 112 Katong from today (11th February) till Valentine's Day (14th February), so do come on by, and say HI, if you will!

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