Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How To Be A Successful Female Blogger In Singapore.

1. Place lots of artistic portraits of yourself on your blog. Make sure you are scantily clad.

2. Have angmoh friends and be sure to write about them. Better still, get an angmoh boyfriend. Or husband.

3. Be very very vocal about your views on sex.

4. Use 5 syllable words.

5. Be Real.

6. Be sure to tweet/facebook/and whatever else not about everything that you're thinking of doing, going to do, are presently doing, and have already done.

7. Your work doesn't stop here. Offline, badmouth other bloggers. Well hey, controversy sells!

8. Remember. You're only what you are when you Think you are, and you Act like you are. So make sure your minions are always around to make you feel like you're the Queen Bee. 

9. Camwhore, camwhore, and camwhore.

10. Have I mentioned the crucial need to Camwhore?

Obviously, I'm in no position to give people tips on how to get famous blogging. This post is written in good humour.

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