Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singtel Casting Call 2011! I've Been Shortlisted!

I won!!!

Thank you ALL of you for your support! Hey All,

I've been shortlisted! And am super excited! Voting starts today I'm not sure where and when, but if you do see it, spare me a click! I'll be eternally grateful!

I want to be 2011's Singtel Social Media Star!

Check out my Entry Video! C'mon gimme gimme gimme!

I felt my energy was a little low on this vid. Can you imagine? Ulcers all over my tonsils when we shot this! Well... I certainly hope I still do stand a chance. I saw some of the other videos and those girls really rock! Well, as always, FINGERS CROSSED!

Cross yours for me too, OK?

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