Thursday, November 10, 2011

Climbing High in Hong Kong

Day 2: Climbing Mountains is not so fun when you have a a hacking cough and a congested chest.
Saikung, my first impression!

We visited Saikung, an old fishing village that has evolved into a seafood paradise. In fact, they sell fish so fresh that they are skinned alive.

I could not watch this. So I headed on to check out what other stuff they had, and lo and behold, Dried Seafood!

The thing that I loved about Saikung was that nearly every family had a pet dog or two with them. Family time includes the family dog in Saikung, and even in all those seafood restaurants.

It was generally al fresco dining, so it was lovely to see the doggies enjoying the day out. (Although some of them looked like they were going to bowl over in a heat stroke...)

I missed Richie... ... ...

Next Stop: Hong Kong National Geopark

Now, I know many of you think that Hong Kong is an international metropolis (which it certainly is), but did you know that it also possesses a very beautiful and unique natural scenery? I bet not!

Well, you haven't been to the Hong Kong National Geopark then! You can surely say it was an eye-opener for me.

A 50 sq. km stretch across Saikung and the Northeast New Territories containing visual and geological phenomena such as volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that have shaped over the millenia by erosion, sedimentation and accumulation! (Man, Ms. Soo, my Geography teacher, will be so proud of me when she sees this post!)

The hexagonal columns are not to be missed if you're a rock lover. And if you're NOT a rock lover, fret not, because at the end of the journey, there's a BEAUTIFUL BEACH. Long Ke Beach, to be exact.

A cozy little stretch of white sand and clear water. It would be lovely to camp there with great company and good humour!

I reminisced my Primary School camping days, and Secondary School chalet days, and even all those Church camps. It would be great to have my best girlfriends around! We would whine about everything, tell ghost stories, spot sharks and have tons of fun!


General Directions: 
  • Take the MTR to Choi Hung (about 30 minutes)
  • Then, take the minibus No. 1A to Sai Kung (20 minutes)
  • Switch to bus No. 94 to Pak Tam Au (10 minutes)
  • Get on your feet and follow the signs to the beach (45 minutes hike over the hill).
For Detailed Directions: See Here.

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