Friday, October 21, 2011

Singapore Flyer's Fright Fest!

Asian Horror Lover?

You'll love the Singapore Flyer's Fright Fest, where you get to meet up and mingle with our "Asian Horror Story Regulars"! Toyol, JiangShi, Sadako, The Half Face Geisha, Cursing Cantonese Old Lady, Orang Minyak, and many, many more.

If you go dressed as one of them, maybe they'll leave you alone.

Unfortunately... my date and I stuck out like sore thumbs. I was an ANGMOH GHOST! And she, an ANGMOH GHOSTBUSTER!

So her gun didn't work on all our Asian jeepers and creepers...

In fact, the JiangShi started laughing at us. -_-

It was fun though! Ginny and I have been walking through haunted houses together nearly all our lives. So I think we've honed our screams to the point where the ghosts just kinda want to leave us alone.

And this is some of the mischief we got up to.

I promise to put up a better quality video as soon as I can!

It was difficult to get some proper pictures due to the dim lighting, and I don't want to reveal too much. Just... prepare to be spooked! Maybe to help you better appreciate the spookiness of it all, you could catch a Classic Asian horror flick before entering?
And at the end of it all...

Cool off with a nice cool Halloween Brew. Yummy.

P.S: I spotted a guy standing behind the waterfall, and I wasn't sure if he was part of the show... ... ...

Special Offer for PAssion card members: $20!  How to Purchase?!
Walk into any of the ticketing counters on-site or call or email at 6333-3311 or to pre-book!
* All tickets are valid for Friday (28 Oct) at 9pm and 10pm and Sunday (30 Oct) at 9pm and 10pm only. 
Saturday’s tickets are sold out. So Hurry!

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Ginette Raneira said...

Had so much fun!! :D Would love to do more stuff like this! ;)