Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ooh I'm loving this!

I just got back from my "training" at the Canon Digital Academy and I'm so excited to be sitting in front of my computer with this superduper cool new gadget right next to me!!!

There are soooo many different features I don't know where to start!

First of all, I really like this camera because of it's Creative Filters! I mean, taking a really good photo isn't easy, and I kind of suck at it. So before this, I used to use the LemeCam app on my iPhone. I found that really handy so I stopped using my other cameras. But now there's this, and it's on top of my list!

Tons of OTHER functions like Movie Digest, SUPER SLOOOOOW MOTION Movie, High Speed Burst, Smart Shutter, Kids and PETS (Yes, no more blur pictures of Richie), Underwater, Landscape, Snow, Fireworks, and it goes on and on and on and on!

It's the Perfect Camera to go travelling with because it's almost like EVERYTHING rolled into one! Y'know it can be a pain to carry so many different lenses around when really, all you want to do is ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY.

So stay tuned! Lots more cool shimazz and all that jazz comin' your way!

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