Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ooh. Mid-Years. Exciting.

Well, well, whaddya know. It's June! Time for seething hot days, sunburns, school kids on holiday and The Great Singapore Sale!!! Yipppeeeee!

I always tell myself, "never buy anything during the Great Singapore Sale because in July, the prices will drop even more!"

But that's what I tell myself.

Anyways, mid-years are always a good time to rejuvenate, reinvent, get a hold of oneself, and... to wake up, smell the roses and realize that 5 months have whizzed past. And to start doing things! Because if you don't start now........ then next year will be here.

So here are my resolutions for the next half of the year(in no particular order):
  • Experience sky-diving.
  • Go mountain and rock climbing.
  • Go look at strange creatures, big and small.
  • Jump off a great height.
  • Visit Mars.
Don't laugh at my resolutions. (To be continued...)


SilentZephyr said...

Haha... doth thou not glance upon a creature strange ev'ry dawn, whene'er thou chance upon a mirror? =P

Joanne-Marie said...

thy creature doth not that strange. thy want is to lay thine eyes upon an ogre. :P