Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night...

Why do some of us speak differently (as in, we suddenly attain this funny twang) when speaking to an angmoh?

Why do some of us think it's ultimately embarrassing to have said something silly?

Why are some of us more concerned with how much our presents cost, than the trouble it took for our loved ones to get it (or make it, or hand-wrap it with a pretty little bow) for us?

Why is it possible that some may find someone else's predicament funny?

Why do we sometimes not understand that being polite is not an act of being 'atas', but merely a show of respect for the other party?

Why do, sometimes, even the best of us feel the need to tread upon someone else's head to get higher?

Why is there always a need to compare and to compete and to measure our own success against someone else's?

Why is it hard for some of us to accept that some others do think with their hearts, and there's nothing wrong with that at all?

Why is it hard for some to believe that not everyone plays mind games, and some of us are really 'as-is'?

Why do we try so hard?

Why do we go on and on and on and on, not realizing the beauty there is in silence? Are we that afraid of the void? Or of the questions that may be left unanswered?

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SilentZephyr said...

Because sometimes we try to impress.

Because sometimes we hate to be looked down on.

Because sometimes, it's not how much it's worth to us, it's how much it's worth to everyone else.

Because in the end, it probably wouldn't matter.

Because we are cynical from knowing too many fakes.

Because it feels good to be ahead.

Because we all need affirmation.

Because hearts are so unpredictable.

Because sometimes we play so many mind games, that it's hard to tell the real deal from illusion.

Because we want to.

Because we wish to drown ourselves in noise, lest we hear our own voice whispering in the silence.

And yet, in the end, how much does it all matter, if at all?