Monday, October 19, 2009


So I took a ride up north to visit Grandmama's hometown yesterday. It was fun, although I have a feeling that my sore throat developed into a bad cough due to the journey there. It's hard to keep dust particles, pollution and what-nots from entering your system when all you have is a helmet, y'know?

Here are the pictures!

Selamat Datang ke Melaka!

Snapshots along the way...



And Finally! Destination Point!

Ice-cream, ice-cream!

Posing with my new-find, Blue Batik Bag.

Just Had to get a picture of the tiles on the bench.

Remember the boo-boo in KL? Well, can't go wrong now! It says "POLIS" on the car!!!

Back at the Famosa Chicken Rice Balls stall, trying Chicken Rice Balls for the first time!


A "pollution-and-my-aching-ass-has-gotten-the better-of-me" moment.

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