Friday, October 16, 2009

The Headache Splits.

And it's yet one of those days where I get my random migraine attacks. It's been throbbing for the past 3 hours now and my headache is still showing no signs of going away. I'd attribute it to the heat as usual, but I've been indoors the whole day! (Except for travelling, but that took only about 10 minutes and the weather was fine)

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it was some streak of enlightenment that made me realize that I'm just an all-round boring person. I don't know what I can do or what can be done to make myself less...colourless. Honestly, I don't think I'm Boring-boring. I just feel like, not many people get my humour so sometimes it's probably better to...shut up.

Sometimes I wonder, how do some people just go on and on and blabber all sorts of nonsense and seem so damn funny all the time? I've observed many of this species, and I've deduced that it's probably in the fake laughter. Y'know, the "WAhaHAHAhAHAHahhahaHAhhheeheeheeHoHOHOHO!" Damnit, right? Like, how do you DO that? Will somebody please teach me?

I seriously CANNOT fake laughter. It's soooo hard for me. Everytime I go for an audition, and the guy says "ok, now start laughing like you've seen the funniest thing in your life", I freak out. I go "huh?? um. Ok... I'll...try".

There must be a trick somewhere... there MUST be a way to get yourself to laugh like you really mean it and it's so darn hilarious, at things that may not be remotely funny...

Ha! Ha! AHAHAhahahahahhhehehehehmmmm..... *clears throat*. Ok.

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