Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner at Waroeng Tan Poh

I just finished dinner at the abovementioned Waroeng Tan Poh, and yeap, that's the photo I just tried taking with my webcam!
It's a beautiful place, outdoor (but don't worry, they provide Mozzie Repellant!) Very thoughtful right? Otherwise I'll end up feeding all the mozzies here.
I tried putting up the video of me surfing, but I think the internet speed here is limited, so I gave up. It'll definitely be up once I get a better connection.
Hear from me again soon!


nachuntenschauen said...

hey... yes, the waroeng tan poh is such a great place. we have been there last november, really great.

nachuntenschauen said...

and now i saw you have been there october 30th :-) we arrive in bali at 31th nd at the same evening we found the wtp... cool.