Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What word is always pronounced wrong?

So, I got around to editing a wee bit of my video today.

I wish I was born with better efficiency, or at least, a computer that doesn't keep hanging on me.

I'm taking forever to complete this!

Maybe it's just me. I need to buck up. I feel like I've been lagging lagging and lagging. Maybe it was the bad weekend? Maybe it was the bad week? Maybe it's the weather? Maybe... maybe it's just me...

Hm. Sounds like that could turn into a song!!! Heheh. And speaking of songs, my FBM (fellow band member) and I are trying to think of a band name that rocks. Any good ideas?

Oh yes, one more thing. I've added this feature on my blog. You can now leave your 'instant reaction' to my lame jokes! So, here goes!

Joke of the Day: What word is always pronounced wrong?

Answer of the Day: WRONG.


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