Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wah Lau So Sway Kena Summon!

So I ran out of yoghurt today, and decided I couldn't go a day without it. Thus, I headed over to my regular supermarket to get my supplies.

I ALWAYS park Skippy on the kerb, but there was a bazaar and the whole kerb was taken up so I had not much of a choice but to park on the... DYL.

There was this other bike that looked pretty comfortable there, and I figured I was gonna be quick enough so I told Skippy to be a good boy and wait for me to get back out and run if anything happens.

BUT. When I came out... that wretched piece of paper stood there, clipped on the handlebar under the visor. $25. DYL.


Joanne is upset.

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