Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is my 101th Post!!!

And because this is my 101th post, I shall tell you 101 things about JOANNE-MARIE that you already know!

... aiyah. troublesome. I'll tell you 102 things on my next post.

Anyhoos! I went onboard the A380 today!

Woohoo! They wanted me to guest VIP review their newest airship, and write about how marvellous it is!

No la. hahaha. It was some safety video thing. So the next time you're onboard an SQ flight, keep your eyes peeled open for *drum roll* ME!

But then again, you may not even see me. I was only in ONE scene. So oh well.

K that's all for now!

I'm going on an adventure with Richie to see the Grandpapa!

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