Saturday, August 1, 2009

102 things you already knew about Joanne-Marie

Oh yes, FINALLY I can change the colour of my font!

That purple was just giving me a headache.

Well, as promised, I'm reporting for duty to give you the low-down on 102 things you already know about me.

But, because I'm lazy, I'm going to make a deal.

I'll tell you 12 things you DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME! I mean, seriously, do you rreeaallly want to know 102 things which you Already Know? :P

You Win, I Win. Let's go!

1. Joanne-Marie loves faeries, butterflies and all things beautiful.

2. Joanne-Marie doesn't believe in Gender Equality. Hello, women are SO the superior race.

3. Joanne-Marie has been loved by a total of 9 pet dogs in her life: Bobby, Lucky, Terry, Bozo, Blind & Grind, Argie, Coco, Richie.

4. Obviously, Joanne-Marie prefers dogs to humans.

5. Joanne-Marie can play the organ. (Yes, the musical instrument organ. Not the ones I have in my body.)

6. At one point of time in her life, Joanne-Marie was a church organist.

7. All Joanne-Marie ever wanted to be while growing up was: a movie star, a rock star, a Victoria Secret's model, a dancer, doctor and a philantropist.

8. Joanne-Marie cannot eat things that are naturally purple.

9. Joanne-Marie feels strongly about holding on to one's beliefs.

10. Joanne-Marie has a love-hate relationship with herself.

11. Joanne-Marie can't think of anything else that people don't already know.

12. Joanne-Marie ... is female.



SilentZephyr said...

Oh that is SUCH a rip-off, Jo. I mean, c'mon. I *already* know 1, 2, 9 and 11!

Admittedly, 12 came as a bit of a shock, but still, that doesn't make up for the rest! Quit holding out on us already!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

What was 1, 2, 9 and 11??

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Hahaha. Ok la. To replace 11, here's one:

11. Joanne knows what to call a fish with one eye.