Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Salon West Gate

Some 2 weeks ago, before I started shoot for this project that I'm on, I decided to give my hair some tender loving care. After all, we know how crazy hairstyling can cause damage to our tresses. And usually for work, the make-up department would tease my hair to give it some volume, and then spray on loads of hairspray to keep it in place. Overusing products isn't good for the hair, and teasing? No question about it, definitely bad. 

I've always wished I had better hair so that make-up artists would have an easier job. I mean, I don't blame them that my hair sucks. They've got to make it look good, and that really is quite a challenge. I would know. I face it EVERY DAY.

So I got down to Project Better Hair. I've decided to go for hair treatments more regularly, and with this latest collaboration with Vintage Studio, I'm on my way!

After a little bit of searching, I found their salon on Level 3 of West Gate. It's actually very conveniently located right near the MRT exit, but because I've never been to West Gate before, I voluntarily (yes, I admit it) got a little distracted by the wide variety of shops there.

Now, this salon sits amongst a couple of others, but stands out with its baroque-inspired decor. As I step in, I'm ushered to a quiet corner, and am given a nice hot cup of tea. A TV sits right in front of my "residence" for the next hour or so and I am kept entertained with Mr Bean Cartoons. Haha, I wish they had the original Mr Bean series though.

Not long after, one of the stylists approached and commences my Classic Hair Treatment. We make our way to the hair-washing area and he does his magic. I must say, this is the very first time I've had a hair wash in a salon where they massage your head, neck, shoulders, AND back! On a hot, sweaty day, it was just what I needed. In fact, it was ah-mazing!!! He really cleaned me up there and I stepped out, about half an hour later feeling very, very refreshed. 

Next, he applied the various treatment products, (with more massage!) and finally, left me with one of those big steaming things. 

This is the range of products that he used. I really like that the shampoo has a minty feeling to it. It makes me feel like my scalp has been really cleaned.

After another 20mins or so, I was done! My head of soft, refreshed and happy locks felt like a million bucks. I made a promise to myself to take really good care of my hair from now on.

Ever since, I've been complimented on my hair a couple of times! #FirstTimeEver AND, the makeup artists that I've worked with from then have not insisted on teasing and pulling all my hair back in a ponytail (the default bad hair hairstyle). I also let my hair down a lot more then I ever used to. 

I'm happy, happy, happy, and can't wait 'til my next treatment. 

Thanks Vintage Studio!

Vintage Studio West Gate can be found here: 
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
(Next to Jurong East MRT station)

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